Thursday, February 21, 2008

Austin and Hippie Hollow

We decided to take a day and go for a drive to Austin and Lake Travis and the Hill Country. A nice drive that turned into a 300 mile round trip!
The first part was simple, right. Drive up 35 to Austin and then into Austin to see the Capitol and the University of Texas. I didn't realize that for all practical purposes the drive is simply through one continuous city. Yuk. Then entering Austin the traffic was heavy. We were glad we didn't have our house!
After running just one red light and scaring 2 people in a small car, we got back onto 35 and headed to Lake Travis. All city,(I must say people here are friendly as several beeped their horns and waved at me). As we reached the Lake the homes became mansions. As it was after noon we saw a sign for a county park, Hippie Hollow. We drove to it only to discover that it was a private park and cost ten bucks. The gate keeper informed us that it was a clothing optional beech and thats why it cost so much. I asked him if we could take images and videos and he said no...... so we left and went to another park that was closed. We were able to get in, walk the dog, use the facilities, eat and then continue. I tried to take a image from there of the nude people but it was too far away.
We continued driving and promptly missed a turn. Renita asked me if I wanted to go west and I said of course. 30 miles later I realized I was going west, hmmmmmm.
Backtracking our route we got on track and drove through a really pretty area. The Hill Country of Texas is like Northeast. Iowa. A little more relief and cactus, but the same. We got back to San Antonio just in time for a traffic jam! Clear skies.

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