Friday, February 8, 2008

Whiting, Ghost Shrimp, Beach Driving, Oh My!

What a fun time the past couple of days have been! Yesterday was spent fishing and running to the bait dealers, and today was fishing, shelling, and beach driving. More of the same.
Yesterday, I was excited to go fishing off the jetty,(in the park), and got out there early. I cast out and promptly caught a hardhead catfish. As I sat there a dolphin and sea turtle swam nearby. Then something neat happened. A guy from Missouri, Rick, was catching bait in the rocks and came over and talked with me about what he was doing. He was using a knife to cut sea annomea's from the rocks for bait! He had a jar full and told me they were one of the best baits you could catch!(He also warned me to wear a rubber glove as they sting and you lose feeling in your hand for a couple of days. Anyway he gave me one and then showed me what a ghost shrimp looked like and told me how to catch them.
So after catching some whiting,(4), meeting Renita and checking out her shells and starfish,(3), I had to rush to Corpus Christi to buy a shrimp sucker upper.Of course when i went into the tackle shop a female employee asked if she could help me? How do you ask a member of the opposite sex for a device that sucks shrimp? Anyway I got one.
The next morning we drove down to the National Seashore and drove 19 miles south to Big Shell Beach. I went to the waters edge and started using the creature catcher. It worked! I had fresh bait! I caught another whiting! Life is good. While I was doing this Renita filled her shell sack! What a day.
I was so excited that Renita had to drive the truck, 20 miles back on the beach! We were both tired when we got home. Fresh Whiting for dinner. Clear skies


Texas_Joplin said...

Where did you buy the shrimp sucker?!?!?!? I want to get one for my boys when we go this weekend and I have no idea where to go for it.

Please help!

Anonymous said...

most beach town bait/tackle shops will have them. the official name is u-catch 'em creature catcher. they run about $20.

you can also call the company in llano directly (325) 248-1381 and they can probably tell you where to fine one in your area.