Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seminole Canyon State Park

2/23/08 Seminole Canyon State Park
After a normal and uneventful drive, 210 miles, we arrived at Seminole Canyon State Park. The countryside changed dramatically from live oak trees to desert brush. It really reminded us of Wyoming, only with bigger cactus!
I did see a Says Phoebe along the road. It was a new bird for me so that’s always neat. Oh, and we almost had a wreck in Del Rio as a person drove through a stop sign and almost broadsided us, but it was ok as we didn’t get hit. (We saw two people drive through stop signs in Del Rio).
As we got to the park we registered and went to our campsite, number 27. I had a heck of a time backing in as the park people put a post up, but I finally succeeded and all was well. We took the dog for a walk and met Sandra and Lyle from Vancouver, BC. We also saw a new bird, as scaled quail! Renita spotted it first and I chased it after it went into the brush, finally catching a good viewing.
We returned to camp and drove back to Del Rio to fuel as it’s a long way to Big Bend, 250 miles, and I have heard that the fuel prices are really high along the way. After returning we went back to Lyle and Sandra’s, where Lyle showed me his battery system. He uses 4 t105 gulf cart batteries, with a 1750 watt inverter and a 40 amp charger. A pretty neat system. I need to set up something similar for boondocking.
Looking forward to today as we are going to hike to the pictographs at Fate Bell, about 1.2 miles. Really windy so I hope that settles down. Clear skies.

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