Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Riverwalk

There were at least two things we wanted to do in San Antonio, visit the Alamo and see the Riverwalk. We saw the Alamo on Sunday so yesterday we drove back to downtown San Antonio for the Riverwalk and for Renita to get a makeover.
Yup, a makeover. After 28 years of long hair she decided to be more modern and get her hair cut short, in a Katie Holmes bob,(whoever Katie Holmes is escapes me?)(Oh don't worry kids we won't become scientologists). Anyway she made an appointment with a hair stylist at the Riverview Mall and had it done. She loves it and so do I!
After the do, we went to eat at an Italian Resturant, Luciano's, and then bought tickets for the Riverwalk Tour Boat. We both really enjoyed it!
The Riverwalk is a channel built as a canal in the heart of the city. It's 2.5 miles long and lined with tress. flowers, cafes, and neat landscaping. The tour guide was a Che Che Chong wannabe and was funny as he ad libbed the script,(while it was in english, riding the boat and walking the Riverwalk, in fact all of San Antonio does make me wish my spanish is a whole lot better. There is not a lot of cultural divirity here as it's mostly hispanic. We were so isolated in Gillette! I watched an elementary school group walk by, one anglo and the rest hispanic, it reminds me of being in Spain!).Anyway, If you are ever in San Antonio do the Riverwalk! Clear skies.

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