Sunday, February 3, 2008


We couldn't believe all the beads we brought home from the town of Lamars, Madregras.
The parade was suprisingly long, it lasted about an hour, and I was also surprised that all the floats still had beads to give by the time they reached us.
The trip to Lamar was only about five miles. It was the rebuilt town that was destroyed by union warships in the Civil War, and so we were not really sure where it was,(the site of the Big Tree). We did the simple thing, we followed the cars.
Once we got to the route we parked in the right of way and only had to walk a little to the route.
The parade reminded us of our town's parades, every firetruck, law enforcement vehicle, and politician took part, along with a classic car club, the local bikers, cheerleaders, and loose wonmen took part. All in all a fun time.
Luckily no fires broke out as the towns of Lamar, Fulton, and Rockport all sent their fire trucks!
After enjoying the parade we went home and decorated the house in beads. Clear skies.

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