Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mustang Island State Park

We arrived safely at Mustang Island Sate Park, after traveling 63 miles and driving in high winds. We stopped and registered and parked our house in campsite number 14. We spent the rest of the day waiting for the front to come through. The winds were even worse that evening.
The next day we needed to resupply so we went into Corpus Christi, shopped, and then tried to find Our Lady of Perpetual Hope for Ash Wednesday services, but no luck. So we returned to our home.
That evening, after setting up the bikes,(we went for a ride), we went to church at St Andrews By the Sea and it was wild! The church had no walls! It was packed with people who sat on cement benches and it had wood kneelers. They had carpet remants for your seats. It was really nice and the priest used an abbreviated service so no one died from hypothermia:) It was kind of like going to a football game. We enjoyed it and after Mass we went to the Nights of Columbus fish fry.
While the fish wasn't great we did meet a nice couple from Maple Grove, Minnestota, who are camping at Malquite beach at the National shoreline, ten miles south. We had a nice visit and got thrown out as we talked too long. We hope to see them on Friday as we are going there shelling. Clear skies.

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