Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goodbye Rockport

Well the day has finally arrived and it's time to head on down the road, but I did want to say a few things about Rockport. In a nutshell, we really like it here.
One of our fears of going fulltime was the worry of missing friends and the dificulty of making new ones. One of the things that helped us was something my sister, Connie said, "When I meet new people, "I always think, will she be a friend"?
So we have met a lot of people here, all nice, and we have made some new friends. Bud and Chris, from Perryton Tx, Roy and Mary Lou, from sw Minnesota, and MIke and Rose from Wisconsin,(but now fulltiming).
We have been blessed. Everyone is friendly,(to paraphrase Mike, we are all in the same boat with common interests), and so we have booked a return here for next year. This time for three months as we have barely scratched things to do here.
As to the park, it's difficult to judge as it's the first one we have stayed at for a month. The weekly buffets and ice cream socials have been a great way to meet people. The internet connect at this spot is iffy but it was good up the hill.
We also did see some dolphins here as we are on the waters edge.
So it's time to move on. Today we are only traveling on to Mustang Island,(a week there), ad then San Antonio and then Big Bend and then................
Clear skies

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