Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Port Aransas

We are enjoying our stay here, Mustang Island State Park, and decided to stay another three days. Among other things, We decided to check out Port Aransas.
Port Aransas is the place where you cross on the ferry to go to Mustang Island.
We drove there and instead of going to the ferry we took a left and went to the beach. What a neat place! We discovered a whole bunch of things that make a return trip a must. Lots of stores, a huge jetty, and a county park with camping.
The stores, of course intrigued Renita. There is a tackle shop that interests me.
I have to laugh as just about every place gives away hermit crabs. There are so many on the beach that free crabs from a store seems like a joke but we met a couple that didn't know that the shells they were picking up may contain the crabs. We were like that too, one time, so it was funny watching them watch the crab crawling for the ocen.
The county park also contains a fishing pier and a huge jetty. The pier had a few fisherman on it but the jetty was covered with fisherman, some of whom were catching nice redfish. The jetty is actually a huge rock wall that protects the pass through which the boats reach the gulf. The water is clear and the tides are strong. As we were walking out I found out that the jetty is slippery as ice as I fell and almost slid into the water. Luckily I wasn't hurt but I am still sore two days later. We saw dolphins, of course, and talked with some of the fisherman.
After carefully walking back we went in search of the restrooms and saw campers, so we checked that out. Now there were campers on the beach and in the parking lot, but these other campers were at campsites with hook ups. We stopped at the park headquaters and it turns out they charge 10 bucks a night for primitive camping and 18 a night for electricity and water hookups. There was also lots of room, as you would expect as the state park and national shoreline are a lot cheaper. Still it was nice to know that there are campsites available, if all others are full.
Anyway we plan on returning there today to do a little shopping and some fishing. It's either that or go see Hillary in Rodsville. Easy choice. Clear skies.

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