Friday, November 30, 2007

Cornbread tastes pretty good!

Pompano is supposed to be one of the best tasting fish there is. I wouldn't know because I can't catch any. Maybe today?

What I am catching is bluefish! I didn't get to the beach, for fishing, until yesterday as the waves were huge. Big surf with tubes forming. So yesterday after tennis and lunch, I went down at 1 pm and saw fish jumping by a sandbar. I went down there, waded out, and tossed a frozen shrimp into a swirl. I then waded back to shore put the pole into a holder and started to bait the other pole.

Now there is a whole bunch of things in that statement. First, I met a former teacher, now a real estate agent, who told me the jumping fish were mullet, probably being chased by blue fish. As I waded out I had a good sized fish chased minnows right up to me!

Anyway I turned and looked at my pole to see it had a big fish hooked, I grabbed the pole and had one of the best fights I have ever had,(I was using light spinning gear). The fish had powerful runs. It took me ten minutes to finally beach it. I actually had a crowd of people watching. It was a bluefish. Luckily one of the people warned me not to put my fingers in it's mouth as bluefish have sharp teeth. I put it on a stringer, it promptly died, and now I had the dilemma of fishing or riding my bike back to camp to clean the fish. Soooooooo.... I packed up my gear, went back to camp, and cleaned the fish. I then repacked my gear and rode back to the beach, put out the poles and soon had another bluefish on. Fought that one for a while until it cut my line. The fish quit biting and that was it for the day.
What did I learn? Bluefish are the worst tasting fish I have ever eaten, but man can they fight. I also learned to don't keep bluefish and never leave a fishing feeding frenzy. What a day!

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