Saturday, December 1, 2007


I finally caught a pompano, 17 inches long, and it may be the best tasting fish I have ever eaten, (Florida has a size limit of 11-20 inches and only one over 20 with six fish being the limit).
I went fishing at the same place as yesterday, threw out a shrimp, set out the second pole and promptly caught a pompano. It fought good, not as good as a bluefish, but had several good runs. I caught two more bluefish and lost another pompano so really had a fun time.
The pompano stayed alive on the stringer, really hardy, and filleted very easily into two big thick fillets. A fish made for eating. The meat is white and very firm. I grilled it, left the skin on, and put some lemon pepper marinade on it as it cooked. Again, it may be the best fish I have ever eaten. Renita says it's definitely as good as Mahi Mahi. We have to go to town today to get more bait. Hopefully I can find some live mole crabs as they are pompano's preferred bait. I also need to buy some doc's goofy jigs, for pompano. It's 6am so it's time to wake Renita and make a bait run!
Clear skies!

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