Saturday, November 3, 2007

Biloxi, Mississippi

After taking a break at Vicksburg we pondered which way to go and ended up going south to Biloxi. Woodalls Campng guide saved us again and we ended up a Majestic Oaks Camprgound. Called Majestic Oaks, which should be majestic because it is also the most expensive placed we have stayed.

It is also the only campground open after katrina. We got here in the afterrnoon, about 2 pm, and rested before going to the beach and driving around to see the damages. The rebuiding effort has gone well but there is so much still gone. One old building has a sign showing the water level. It is amazing anything survived.

I did wade in the Gulf, so I have waded in Lake Superior and the Gulf, in about a months time!

We are so excited to be near our long goal of St Andrews Park In Florida.

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