Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sunrise at St Andrews

Got up early this morning and we watched the sunrise. It is cold as a front just came through so we took it easy, did some repacking, and I got a haircut. Wow, life is good when a haircut is a big event!

In the afternoon we walked the dog and went to the fishing pier and watched a guy from Nebraska catch eel. Cast jigs to no avail and got to talking to a guy who was from Florida and casting a net to catch mullet for their eggs,(roe). He said they cooked them smothered, with the lid on. He also tried to catch some pinfish for bait for me but to no avail. He did tell me that if we wanted to catch flounder we should go down to the far end of the island.

We took his advice and I caught a flounder. We had other bites but for some reason we are missing them so its learning time again. Maybe if I buy more gear and poles and.....Can't wait till tomorrow.

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