Thursday, November 15, 2007

Comet Homes

We had a really good day yesterday as we finally got close to a gator at Gator Lake. Rode our bikes to the lake and walked the trail and there it was, about 15 feet away. It was pretending to be sleeping but it kept opening and closing one eye. Sly devil. Made me think of alligator wrestling and fried gator!

Then to top off the day, after spending the afternoon at the beach, we were walking the dog, enjoying the stars and I noticed that there were a bunch you don't see in Gillette as we were so far south. As I was looking them up online I saw there was a new naked eye visible comet, Comet Homes, and we went out and spotted it!

Raining this morning so we are taking the dog to get her groomed and doing some other stuff we have neglected.

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