Wednesday, November 14, 2007


While we normally eat most of our meals at home, healthier and cheaper, we have gone out to eat twice here in Panama City. For lunch we went to an overpriced poor quality place and last night we went to Hunts Oyster Bar. Hunts has the best seafood we have eaten in a long time!

Renita had the mahi-mahi dinner and I had the shrimp and oysters. Maybe the best I have eaten. We followed that with a key lime pie that was almost equal to mine.

We also went fishing yesterday afternoon and while Renita caught a flounder I caught lizard fish and four small groupers. The flounder spot was packed with people. I did use the beach cart I made, cost 23 bucks, and it worked fine. Does need another cross member. I used stainless steel hardware. We will see how long it takes to rust, before building a new cart. I also went fishing in the morning off the dock as I had heard that someone caught flounder there but no success.

Today we are going to take a break and go to the beach as a cold front is coming through tomorrow.

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