Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pompano Fishing?

Still here at Topsail and enjoying the walks and bike rides. We went to a movie in Destin, American Gangster. Enjoyed the movie but it did make you sick of dope dealers and wish they would all rot in hell..........

Anyway the blog is about pompano fishing and I don't have a clue. The score is still me 0 and the pompano 2. The first time I went to the beach to try out my new surf fishing pole. Cast some and fished with some shrimp, dead, and didn't have a bite. As we were leaving we met a guy who was going fishing for pompano. So I told him we didn't have any bites but confessed that I didn't really have a clue. He said he was catching them so I asked him what he was using and he said he ran a guide service and wouldn't tell me anything unless I hired him, hmmmmm... So I then asked him if it was ok if I watched him fish and he said he ran a guide service so if I paid him I could watch him, hmmmmm... Obviously a guy who has no friends.

I wished him well and left him to walk to his spot and then I walked back over the sand dunes and watched where he was fishing so I would have a clue. I also looked up pompano fishing on the internet. It told me to use sand fleas(?) and maybe floaters. Now I had looked at his poles to see his rigs and he was using a small spin and glow.

So the next day we went to Destin and bought sand fleas, frozen. I couldn't sleep as I was so excited. I got up early and rode to the beach to discover the tide was way out and still dropping. I spent two hours fishing, caught a blue crab, and got a super backlash on my reel. I also found some nice seashells and found a quarter.

I learned some things.

Sand fleas,really mole crabs, are really hard to use as they are so small they break into pieces when you try to hook them. It's really easy to cast your bait off. Next I think I learned that fishing with huge breakers, they were forming tubes, and fishing at low tide is pretty worthless. Still it's data none the less.

On a positive note I discovered two structures to fish at high tide. I did cast jigs for a while with no success. Not the first time I have been skunked and for sure not the last. You know what they say even a bad day fishing is better then a good day at work.

So today is the day. I am preparing myself mentally and spiritually to go to the beach this afternoon and fish the incoming tide. Hopefully the breakers will be smaller,(the one time we were there when it was calm there was a school of fish jumping). Today is the day. Fish for supper or cornbread!

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Patty said...

OH MY GOD! You found a quarter?!
Matt says mail it to him and he'll deposit it for you. :)