Saturday, November 3, 2007

Vicksburg and The Battlefield Park

Got to Vicksburg and found our campground, Riverview(like you could see the river not... just the trees), and set up and the took a nap and rested from te drive. The campground host provided us with a cd of the driving tour of the battlefield and so the next day we left and had a really neat time touring the battlefield, listening to the cd, and walking the sites. Also got to visit the Cairo River gunboat museum.

Talked with Mike just before we toured and learned that Butler's,Grandmother Brackin/Miller's grandparent had brothers in the 38th Iowa that fought in the battle. Unfortunately they got malaria as they were camped in a swamp and the site of the 38th had the plaque stolen sooo..... anyway it was so neat. I had used the oxbow bend of the Mississippi river at Vicksburg in my classes as an example of man trying to change the river so it was really neat to actually be there.

After touring the battlefield we went to the old town and ate unhealthy fried catfish and saw the place where Coke Cola was invented and then tried to find dog food to no avail so that was frustrating so we went back to camp and planned our next day drive.

The picture is of the Iowa Monument on the left and I am in a line of Union Cannons on the right.

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