Monday, November 19, 2007

Heading to Topsail

Well the day has come and it's time to say goodbye to St Andrews State Park. It has really been fun here, even though I didn't catch any spanish mackerel. We spent 14 days here and the it feels like it's time to move,(referred as hitch itch by rv people).

I did go fishing early on Sunday but didn't catch any. I lost a nice grouper, broke off, and saw spanish mackerel jumping but didn't get any hits. I did catch a new species of fish, a searobin. It's a fish with huge pectoral fins that have mutated into feet and it walks on the sea floor. Ugly to say the least.
A few other thoughts on our stay at St Adnrews. We caught 4 flounder that measured and my best day was Thursday when I caught 5, of which one measured. Renita caught the biggest flounder at 16.5 inches. The bigggest one we saw was 18.
We saw a big, and I mean big cottonmouth sunning itself at the marsh, and as we watched it Renita spied two deer wading though the marsh near the snake, ( The deer are small here).
An east wind blows here, subtropics and easterlies, and it brings the unforgetable smell of the paper mill/lumbermill. THis is one of the advantages of being stuffed up with allergies as I can't smell it as much as Renita.

We walked around the park and took images of the nine sites we liked, besides 002 where we are at, so when we come back we will have a better idea. Topsail is supposed to be the best state park, for rv's, in the nation, so we will see if it lives up to it's hype.

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