Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matt and Patty Brackin

We had been waiting for the day to arrive. Storm after storm rolled over the mountains, day after day. It seemed that there was little chance for the outdoor wedding, yet at three o'clock the clouds broke over the Grand Teton. A window of blue sky opened and we walked to the wedding site.

Spring creek, a small braid of the Snake River, flowed along the way, held in check by beaver dams, Two buffalo head ducks swam leisurely by as if to witness the event. The wind calmed and a wilsons warbler flew around us, adding a touch of golden yellow.

Matt and Patty recited their vows to one another and there was not a dry eye in the sheltered alcove. They looked so beautiful. The bride dressed in a gown that captured the sunlight and the groom in his tux......

After the wedding the party returned to the resort. The cake was a work of art with the folds of frosting matching Patty's gown. The meal was superb, the two families talked and danced. Renita cried as Matt danced with her. The circle of life continued again. Thank you God, we have been truly blessed. Clear skies.

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