Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pretty Utah Drives

We left Cortez and headed up US 491, then turning North on US 191 to Moab, (While I don’t usually comment on the drives, this one was on good roads and was very scenic). Among other sites we were treated to a huge arch, called Wilsons Arch.
Arriving in Moab we found our rv park, overpriced, cramped, but scenic. After resting and getting set up we first went to the visitor center and then to the Arches National Park Headquarters, to make our plans. The next morning after connecting on the internet and discovering that REI was having a sale on their canoes so we decided to run to Grand Junction Colorado and check them out.
It turned out to be a wasted drive as the REI in Grand Junction is probably the smallest in the world. They didn’t have any canoes. We did stop at a Sportsman World where we almost bought an Old Town Stillwater canoe. But, we decided against it.
On the drive back we took a different route, State 128. This road drives along the Colorado River and the drive turned out to be a beautiful canyon drive. We made frequent picture stops, looked at numerous rapids on the Colorado, and passed bikers and motor cross off roaders. It was an unexpected pleasure.
So it turned out that we had another couple of days of unexpected pleasure. The best thing about this journey has been the unexpected beauty we have found. Clear skies.

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