Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Trip to Yellowstone

We left for Yellowstone and had to stop at Colter Bay to pick up the rv as we had left it there during the wedding. The drive to Yellowstone was short and uneventful. The first stretch of road was pretty bad and narrow, but once we got to Yellowstone Lake, still frozen, the road widened and was relatively new. We were both surprised at the amount of snow.

When we arrived at the campground we found that the assigned sites were so uneven that we couldn't level our fifth wheel. The road back to the office went through trees and narrowed and as we threaded our way through we almost hit a hidden rock. It would have destroyed our house! As Renita was watching and giving me directions a campground host walked up. She offered to help and said that a lot of motor homes and fifthwheel had been destroyed on that rock. Thanks for not warning us in advance! For the next four days the hosts still were talking about that huge Bighorn. If you ever camp in loop a of Bridge Bay campground look out!

Matt, Patty, and her family showed up in their rented motorhome and pitched camp. While the cost of renting one was quite steep. we thought it was a good way to try one out before you buy. The depreciation on a motor home is huge!

After setting up camp and eating lunch we all piled into the motor home to explore the southern loop of Yellowstone roads. Not ten miles from the camp we crossed the Hayden Valley, which is a high sagebrush covered plain. The were a lot of cars parked at one spot and as we neared we reaized it was a bear jam! A sow grizzly and a large cub were sleeping on a hillside! What a sight! After a while they woke up and started to graze. The mother bear did try to stalk some geese but gave up quickly.

We continued driving along the Gibbon and Firehole rivers seeing lots on buffalo and elk. We arrived at Old Faithful just in time as it erupted a few minutes later. While it was its usual self, it paled after watching the bears. Tired, Matt drove us the rest of the way to Bridge Bay. Bedtime sang its siren call and we called it a night. Clear skies.

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