Thursday, May 8, 2008

Springville, Utah

After leaving Moab we had planned on driving to Duschenes and even called to make reservations, but the owner of the rv park told us that the route we were taking was narrow and had some intense switchbacks. She recommended we not travel that way.

Instead we turned off US 191 and took US 6 across the Watsatch Mountains. The road was busy, with lots of trucks, and was the steepest and longest down the mountain run we have done so far. I started braking a bit too much so I shifted to manual an used the engine to brake. It worked great as I only used the brakes a couple more times. It turned out to be a good learning experience. We did have to pull over to let trucks by us but that's ok.

As we neared Springville. Renita found a really nice rv park, East Bay, and she got us reservations for two nights. We pulled in, set up, and decided to go wedding clothes shopping.

One of Renita's friends had suggested we go to The Gateway Mall. What a nice place. Renita found a pretty outfit and I found a nice suit. Too nice. 1680 bucks and hand sewn Italian wool. Anyway we left with me suit less and instead went to a Brazilian restaurant. The waiters carried spits of grilled meats and served you by carving of a portion. If you wanted more you had a sign post, red meant stop and green meant more. It was a lot of fun. We both ate so much that we couldn't eat any dessert.

We left downtown Salt Lake just in time. A big storm came through and caused all kinds of delays and jams on the interstate. A good day, but more shopping is needed tomorrow. Clear skies.

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