Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Wyoming

Driving through Salt Lake City was actually pretty easy. We left at 9 am and avoided the rush hour traffic. The exits were well marked. As we got on 80 and headed east the road started to climb to Park City. The truck handled it well, both up the grade and then downhill. It did rain off and on us when we reached Wyoming the rain stopped.
The drive from Green River to Flaming Gorge reminded us of the Big Bend Texas area, with a lot less cactus. The antelope, ever present, barely moved as we passed. The road was new and so we arrived at Buckboard Marina, checked in and set up. It’s actually a pretty nice rv park, for Wyoming. No cable, no internet, and a phone service that costs a buck a minute…….but the view is great and we do have electricity, water, and sewer. Renita asked about the showers and the owner looked at her funny and said, “They are four or five dollars with a towel and soap per shower”. It kind of makes you wonder how often they are used. Looks like the rv shower is the ticket here.
The next day we drove to Rock Springs and went to Matt’s House where we visited a while before getting down to business. We moved the boat and hooked up the battery chargers, repaired a flat tire, and then Matt and I went to his bachelor party, (while we were there Renita met Patty and they went out to dinner and shopped).
It was quite a different conversation at the bachelor party. The usual joking was normal, but being around Troopers and DCI agents was a new experience. The shop talk was not the teacher shop talk I was used to. It was nice to see Matt had so many friends, and to get an insight into law officers and their lives. May God bless and protect them all.
Leaving early, Renita and Patty met me at Matt’s house. Renita told me of how much fun she had with Patty. We returned home late and tried to watch a movie, but it was no use as bedtime beckoned. Clear skies

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