Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing at All

Nothing At All (A personal journey)
Renita said, “It feels good to be home”. I knew what she meant, (Wyoming, seeing Matt and Patty, fishing at Flaming Gorge), but I didn’t feel it yet.
The next morning, I took Molly for our walk. We walked along a dirt road that ends at the lake. I looked to the west, across a desert filled with big sagebrush. The sage has pungent aroma that is unmistakable to anyone who has lived there. A large buttew with parallel bedding planes, was in the distance. To the south I could see Big Timber mountain and the Wasatch Range covered with snow. There was not a sign of human habitation. Nothing at all. I felt at peace and felt that of all the places we had been, this was the special place for us.
Now we have been to other places where I have had those moments of peace, Oklahoma, Iowa, Louisiana all come to mind. Big Bend, Texas is a lot like here, but with different plants and wildlife, it also has a feeling of peace and contentment. In one of my earliest blogs I wrote of the peace and beauty of an early morning walk in Keosauqua , Iowa. I have had may such moments. Maybe its being retired, maybe it’s having the time to finally stop and enjoy each day, maybe………
So far, in our travels, we have journeyed through twenty states. In that time we have explored five deserts, four national parks, three national monuments, two national historic sites, two wildlife refuges, and numerous state parks and beaches. In all these places we have found nothing at all. Clear skies.

(Six days later it's cold and snowing, hmmmm.....)

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