Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cascade Canyon

The weather finally broke, at least for a few hours, and we were able to take the shuttle boat and hike Cascade Canyon. While there were a lot of deep patches of snow, the trail was passable and we were able to view Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.

We took the first shuttle across the lake and both of us were a little surprised at the numbers of people who had already hiked the two mile trail. Fron the dock it was an easy half mile climb to hidden falls. Cascade Creek treated us to a view of plunge pools and rapids along the trail. Hidden Falls really deserves its name as it is possible to miss it entirely. Luckily we ran into some other people who told us to go up the south side of Cascade Creek. We took turns taking pictures of us and the falls with a German couple.

The man's wife decided she had had enough climbing for the day so the husband kind of adopted us and followed us up to Inspiration Point. Snowy and slippery at first, the trail turned into a dry rocky path with several switchbacks. It was tiring, at elevation,(I think we are both acclimatizing to the elevation. It is 7200 feet above sea level at Inspiration point. My heart rate was fine and Renita slugged it out as usual), but we took our time and were treated to a great view of Jackson Hole and the mountains of Yellowstone. The point is directly below Symmetry Spire. To the south the Cathedral Group towers over the canyon. We only stayed a few minutes as a storm broke over the top of the Grand Teton.

Retreating down the trail the sun broke out and we stopped for lunch, only to be attacked and surrounded by ground squirrels and yellow marmots. They became disappointed at the lack of handouts and one ground squirrel started chewing on Renita's pack. As we ate we enjoyed the view off the mountainside. We were also treated to a spectacular view of Teewenot Mountain,(Which I had climbed in the late 70's. I enjoyed the view of the moutains even more than the valley. It made me want to climb again).

Another storm broke over the mountains and we quickly descended to the boat dock where the boat captain told us that high winds, hail and lightening were expected. The ride across the Jenny Lake was a boat ride through whitecaps, with blowing mist chilling our bodies. We reached the other side before the full fury of the storm was released on us and as a reward we went to the Jenny Lake store for a cup of Mocha Cappuccino...... Clear skies.

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mike brackin said...

Mark- nice pics! Happy Father's day! Love, Big Brother