Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mothers Day at the Gorge

The next day was Mothers Day. After a special breakfast, we prepared for a fun day exploring the west side of Flaming Gorge. We loaded up the fishing gear, Renita’s new metal detector, and headed to Manila, Utah.
It was only about twenty five miles to Manila. Miracle of miracles, the cell phone connected and Renita was able to talk to Jenny. We drove through town, found a restaurant and ate lunch, (Renita does not recommend the Taco Salad). After lunch we stopped at the grocery/hardware/bait store to check out their inventory and buy some worms.
It was about a four mile drive back to the border of Wyoming and Utah. Our first stop was at Anvil Draw. It is a pretty rough road in, big gravel. The boat ramp is really good there and there is a place to park our house so it has the potential for boon docking. There is a 16 day limit so it would be possible to spend the summer by shuttling back and forth between there and the next ramp, at Holmes Draw. AS we checked out the shoreline and dock, We were surprised to see all the turetella fossils. The collect mode almost kicked in, but sanity returned and we put the rocks back. The shoreline was full of flooded trees, so it was not a good place to fish/
The next draw, Holmes Draw, has been renamed. Part of the Federal Government’s push for political correctness. It’s previous name was Squaw Hollow. We drove to the shore, where Renita quickly started metal detecting and I got my pole ready to fish. In almost no time at all she found her first coin, a lucky penny! We both had a good time there as the fish were biting, two nice rainbows, and Renita found more treasures.
Returning home Renita got a text message from Matt, wishing her a happy mother’s day. All was well. Clear skies. (the picture has nothing to do with Mothers Day but Matt is on the right side. He also had an article in the magazine.)

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