Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Toad Suck, Arkansas

As we move around the country we pick places to stay by using Woodalls, Rvpark, and by recommendations from friends and family. So as we continued our southward migration, we got online and looked for a park halfway to Daisy State Park.
Looking on the map, Conway, Arkansas was halfway so we got online and found a park named Toad Suck Park. The reviews were good so we decided to head there.
What a nice surprise! Toad Suck Park was named for the river bargemen who used to stop here and suck on a whiskey bottle till they swelled up like a toad! Its a four loop campground, below the lock and dam, that is a pretty, scenic place.
Finding a nice level spot, with water and electricity, we parked and setup. We were even able to find our satellites for tv, although there are many channels the air antennae picked up.
Walking around the park we saw pecan trees but unfortunately there were no pecans on them. The campground host said that this is a sign of a really bad winter! He also said the squirrels were burying whole clusters on acorns, another sign. We walked all four loops, three are along the river and one a little further back, and all were nice places to camp.
The next day Dave and Jean stopped by to say hello. We met them at Branson and they are also heading to the Diamonds State Park. They had heard us talk about Toad Suck and decided to camp here! What a nice surprise! Although we are only here for a couple of nights, this is definitely a place to stay again. Clear skies.

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