Friday, October 31, 2008

Table Rock State Park, Missouri

It was time to continue our southward travels so we left Lake of the Ozarks and drove south to Table Rock Lake and Table Rock State Park. Its near Branson, so we decided to stay a while and do some exploring.
The lake itself is huge and the campground at the state park is really nice, Missouri definitely has good parks and campgrounds. The bike/hiking trail is 2,2 miles long and goes from the marina to the dam. It's a pretty nice ride with a little up and down but nothing really hard. The views along the way are picturesque, with eastern bluebirds, red headed woodpeckers, and lots of chickadees providing company.
The Branson Belle, a paddle wheel theater, greets you as you round the bend. Kind of funny, the ship was built locally and they launched it by greasing the slip with bananas! Talk about environmentally friendly!
We also had to post a picture of the albino squirrel to contrast that with the black squirrels we saw in Minneapolis. We don't think its a true albino as it doesn't have pinkish eyes, but it posed nicely, probably waiting for a treat.
Anyway we are enjoying it here and have only been lost twice while driving to find a grocery store. Luckily we stopped before driving over a cliff and found our way out of the silver dollar city parking lot. WE do think the teenagers in the area might be a little ou of control. Other than that no misadventures. Clear skies

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