Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aransas Pass Wildlife?

Our next door neighbor, Terry, had told us about the fishing at Aransas pass. He also told us of seeing dolphins and sea turtles so we decided to spend a sunny afternoon at the pass.
He told us he was fishing just north of the Marine Research Institute and we found him easily enough by going to the beach and driving along until we spotted his white van. While getting setup a ship came through the pass and Terry waved at us and told us to watch the dolphins. Sure enough they were bow riding and one even jumped clear of the water! Renita was now completely happy, even though we didn"t get any pictures.
Next, two brown pelicans flew and landed near us. Terry brought over his bag of cut bait and got one to eat from his hand. After he went back to fishing the older one came over to Renita, but he was unsuccessful in getting any of our bait or her lunch. Disgrunted, he plopped down and sat next to her for quite a while, before going for a swim.
While I was continuing to fish, Renita turned into a wildlife photographer and chased a pair of sea turtles up and down the wall. They would only surface for a few seconds so she was frustrated trying to take their pictures. At last she succeeded in catching the one in the photo above!
Although the fishing was great the catching was terrible so we watched the boats pass by and relaxed in the sun. Calling it a day, we loaded up our beach chairs, waved goodbye to Terry, and headed home after a successful day. Clear skies.

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