Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waco, Texas

After staying in a succession of national, state and county parks, any private park would pale in comparison. However we needed to get some business stuff done and so we drove to Waco and checked into the I 35 Rv Park.
The park itself was ok, it was fairly cheap, and the people were nice, but it was an older park quite full of permanent/long term residents.
Walking around the park, we saw some crazy motor homes. One was covered with Jelly Belly pictures and was a commercial vehicle with a matching painted car. Another, pictured above, was how a wild man from Minnesota, takes his boat south for the winter! It was certainly a stopper as person after person would walk by stop and scratch their head.
The other picture is of Renita and Molly at the parks petting zoo. Molly was pretty weirded about about the goats. The guard dog came rushing up to protect the goats from Molly but it soon lost interest and concern in any Shit tzeu.
As to getting stuff done, we had a mixed bag on that. Renita was able to see a doctor, but she was unable to find any pharmacy that carried her insulin. After three hours on the phone she did find some in San Antonio, near where we are going next. Laundry, groceries, diesel, and getting lost filled our remaining time in Waco. It's a crazy place, with one way streets on both sides of the interstate. They also have these suicide exit ramps. Here you exit directly onto the access road, in an extremely short ramp, and hope the drivers yield. Both of these caused us a lot of problems and detours.
All in all Waco is not a place we will stay again. Clear skies.

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