Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guadalupe State Park, Texas

The axis buck stopped for a moment as if to show off it's large antlers, before trotting into the oak trees after it's harem...... After leaving Waco, it was a short drive to Guadalupe State Park. The Park is located just north of San Antonio so we could also get Renita's meds. The park is noted for the tubing, canoeing, and kayaking along the river. It is also known for its birding as the river draws wildlife.
We arrived Sunday, about noon, and most of the campsites had been vacated from the busy weekend. Finding a really nice site we were able to set up the satellite, which was surprising as we are crammed into live oak trees!
The next day we took a long walk along the river and saw a plethora of wildlife. We spotted a new bird, a blue headed vireo, along with a wren that we couldn't identify. An opossum walked across the campground,(I haven't seen one in thirty plus years). Everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas, but the deer are tiny. Full grown bucks are about the size of a German Shepard,which is to be expected as the hotter an area is the smaller the body size of mammals. The walk included a viewing of six axis deer, trotting across an open field,(Axis deer were imported from India and released in the Texas wilds in 1982). One of the deer was a large stag, with an impressive rack!
We weren't able to canoe as the water is really low here. The area has been in a drought for some time and the flow was only 32 cubic feet per second. Another reason we didn't try to launch the canoe is that the access is really bad here and we would have had to portage the canoe a long way, both downhill and then uphill.
We did take a bike ride, but the bike path is really rocky, the worst bike trail we have been on. After abandoning it we returned to the road and explored the other campgrounds. All in all a pretty park, with nice facilities. We were glad we came here. Clear skies.

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