Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lake Texoma Revisted

Last year, we discovered Lake Texoma State Park and camped there for two days, making a note to return to such a beautiful place. This year we found ourselves passing the same way as we turned west to avoid hurricane damaged areas.
The drive from Daisy State Park was uneventful all though it was with a sense of relief when we crossed the border into Oklahoma. It wasn't that we didn't like Arkansas but that the roads there are some of the worst we have seen.
Arriving at Lake Texoma we found out we were one of five people camping in the whole park so we went back to Ben's Campground and got a great spot with a view of the lake. We set up camp and the rain begun, raining hard all day and night and into the next. The ranger told us the area was in a severe drought and so the rain was welcomed.
The next day we went to Kingston to buy fuel, get a few groceries, and check out a shortcut. Oklahoma 32. The diesel was 2.65 a gallons, less then half the price we paid in Yellowstone Park. The taxes on the groceries made up for it as they were over nine percent! At least the shortcut showed an easier and shorter way to head to Texas, so we returned home with a feeling of accomplishment.
The rain cleared out the next day and we spent it resting and building a stabilizer for the canoe. Now the canoe is pretty stable, for a canoe, but we had seen stabilizers advertised that allowed one to stand up and fish. They cost over 200 bucks so trying to build one was an obvious money saver,(Besides it keeps me out of trouble. My Mom always told me an idle mind was the devils workshop!).
The next morning, after taking one look at the stabilizer I tore it apart and rebuilt it using a steel crossbar instead of a wood slat. It was a little heavier but oh so much better. That afternoon we took the canoe to the lake and tried it out. It actually worked as I stood up and shifted my weight without getting wet! Look out Texas red fish! Clear skies.

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