Monday, November 24, 2008

Mustang Island State Park, We are at the Coast!

I cast a DOA plastic into the water at the pass, and let the outgoing tide carry the bait towards the bridge. As I took in the slack, the line tightened and I wondered, could it be a fish on the first cast?
The last day at Choke Canyon was windy and cloudy, so we took our time and waited for the wind to subside. It did around noon so we hooked up and headed for the coast, arriving at 3pm and getting a good spot at Mustang Island State Park. We had made reservations for 10 days, taking us through Thanksgiving weekend.
We settled in, as the wind blew strong and the rain hammered the roof. Our neighbors were in a tent and had just gotten it set up, (they had problems and I offered to help but they were determined to get it done). What a night! It reminded me of the times we had tented in heavy rains.
Anyway the next morning arrived and the rain stopped so I headed to the pass, to try fishing. People were lined up on both sides, and the reason became apparent as I saw their flounder. I put on my favorite white and red DOA plastic and caught a nice speckled trout on the first cast. Three more quickly stuck and I was excited to say the least!
Returning home we ate lunch and then went for some shelling. Renita found a sand dollar, of course, and I waded in the surf, looking for dolphin. We walked past debris, from the hurricanes. The surf was strong, and as much as I wanted to go deeper the wise choice was to just get our feet wet. People were fishing at the jetties but the waves were too much for them to have any luck.
That evening I went to Fish Pass to cast net for bait. John Wheeler had given me a four foot net and it really worked! Thank you John! I quickly caught bait for the morning.
The next morning I went back to the pass. It was packed with people, but some left and I was able to get a good spot. I caught another trout and then went through the bait, after losing a large fish. Getting more bait I finally caught a nice flounder. By the time I returned to my spot a "friend" was in my place. He even cast across my line four times and I had to untangle his line from mine as I fought in a fish. I was proud of myself as I didn't cut his line! Finally I ran out of bait and called it a day. Fresh flounder for dinner! Clear skies.

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