Friday, December 5, 2008

Padre Island National Seashore and Fish Pass

We spent another few days at Mustang Island before making our last move to our winter camp. One days trip was to the Padre Island National Seashore and the rest of the time was fishing and cast netting at Fish Pass.
The first stop at the seashore was to recheck out the camprgound at Malaquite Beach. Its a simple campground with asphalt pads, definitely dry camping, but you can see the surf from almost all of the campsites. Last year we had checked it out and were not impressed, this year we thought it was a nice spot, and large enough for us to park our house!
From there we bought shrimp at the park store before driving out on the beach, for fishing and shelling. The beach sand seemed kind of rough in places and I was nervous so we only drove about five miles south before stopping. There was a lot of seaweed and I cast out and soon had enough seaweed to choke a horse. Renita had better luck shelling and quickly found some nice saw tooth pen shells.
A park ranger stopped by and gave me some advice about surf fishing, He also told me not to be too concerned about getting bumped by sharks, hmmmmmm....
He told me three things: first to cast between the second and third set of breakers, second to use a small hook and piece of shrimp, and third to not wade out to deep as it wasn't necessary. All the advice was good as the fish bit almost as fast as I threw out,(I caught two redfish, four whiting, an Atlantic croaker and a catfish.
The next day we went to fish pass and practiced cast netting for mullet,(I actually caught some even though my net is a little small. We drove down to a spot to fish but it was already full so we watched them catch several nice redfish. A dues day.
Anyway it was time to head to Watersedge and our winter camp so we put the shells and fishing gear away and packed our house for the move. It had been a really good time at Mustang Island State park. Clear skies.

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