Sunday, January 20, 2008

Raining in Rockport

While we have had some notable rains, in our travels, the last week in Rockport has been the most we have seen. It has rained off and on for four days, The first rain was about two inches, followed by another rain of three inches. So life here has been pretty uneventful.
The most excitement has been moving from one spot to another. Yesterday we had to move to spot 2 from spot 88, basically from the upper forty to the lower forty. We knew this was going to happen as the office lady was unable to get us in unless we agreed to the move. We had hoped for cancellations but it never happened.
The new spot is very close to the ocean and so when we step out we can see the gulf, about 100 feet away. WE are also closer to the restroom and shower although I like the shower in our house.
The temperature has also fallen as front after front blasts through, but it is supposed to warm to normal,(We don't seem to get much sympathy from Matt and Jenny who talk of 30 below wind chills). It is also supposed to clear today so it's off to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge for a day of exploring. I might happen to fish a little as well:)
In regards to the picture, it is in a small spot, on the beach, in Fulton. The people of the Gulf Coast pray a lot to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, for safety from the sea.
AS this place gets hit often by a hurricane, on average every seven years, one can understand the need for such prayer,(I looked up the frequency of hurricane strikes and found averages, for the places we have been on the Gulf, of from every five to every seven years. I am surprised, here in Rockport as to the style of houses and the lack of readiness for hurricanes. I talked with a man from here who said many of the older houses lost their insurance as they were not built to any hurricane standards or codes). Clear skies.

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