Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Galveston, Texas

I had taught about hurricanes, for many years, and so it was a must to see the sea wall at Galveston and view the island. For those that don't know, a hurricane in 1900 wiped the place out and killed over 6000 people. It had a storm surge of 15.7 feet. Add to that that the city has actually sunk 10 feet due to ground water removal and oil and gas extraxtion, and you can see that it is set up for another catastrophy.
Anyway we got to Galveston and set up at Jamaica Beach RV Resort. On the way we passed the fishing pier, the longest pier on the Gulf, so I had to fish it. I got my poles ready and waited anxiously for the next day to arrive.
It's amazing how you can think you have a clue and then catch nothing at all. I shouldn't feel bad though as only one fish was caught, by a Japanese. It was about two inches long and he kept it, mumbling sushi! There were about 50 more fisherman there and no one caught anything, until an Asian man and wife showed up with live shrimp. He caught five sheephead in a row and soon was crowded out by other people. Now I had watched him closely and let him fish by me as I wanted to watch him some more. He was so nice that he let me use his shrimp. I did have a bite but missed it and so I left, after thanking him again for the fishing lesson.

Renita had better luck than I did as she finally found some nice plates for our house! Clear skies.

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