Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corpus Christi

The weather here has been cold and rainy, since I last posted so it is time for an update,(It is going to warm up today).
I needed to have some tests done, to make sure the medications were doing their job, so we looked up a Doctor in Portland,(just north of Corpus Christi. I was actually able to walk in, fill out the forms and get in to see the Doctor(The Doctor was real young)! After setting up another appointment for the test, we drove across the bridge and into Corpus Christi.
The first site you see is the aircraft carrier The Lexington, which is permanently moored and is open to tours. They even have an Imax theater inside, along with a bunch of different planes, which are o the deck. We didn't tour it, just drove near, took some pics, and continued into the city.
Continuing along the seawall we came across several nice seaside parks and some really fancy homes. Definitely not the poorer section of town.
WE then retraced our route and went in search of a seafood shop called the Big Fisherman. Several people had raved about the seafood specials, 5.95 for lunch, so we had to try it.
As our new friend Mike said later,"You get what you pay for". While the food was plentiful, it was some of the greasiest food on the planet. It was also overcooked and bland. Definitely not a place to go back to,(they have a chicken fried steak day special of 1.75 ad thousands of retired people show up!)
Anyway it was a nice drive and we got some medical work done so all in all an okay day. Clear skies.

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