Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Checking Things Out

After a couple of days of resting and staying around the house we decided to check out some things to do. Among the many things here are Goose island State Park and the Rockport City Beach.

We first went to the Rockport City Beach. To enter the beach park one must pay a daily entry fee, or buy a ten dollar yearly sticker. We bought the sticker and put it in te required spot on the windshield. Our windshield is beginning to look like a billboard! Entering the park we found a nice beach, a fishing pier, a public boat dock and ramp, and several swimming areas with showers and covered areas. Quite nice in fact!

As we walked the beach, we noticed that the beach was quite different from the other places we had been. It is made almost entirely of shell fragments. Looks like it would become coquina if it were rock. Its pretty obvious why as the only boats that are constantly out there are oyster boats,(there are also shrimp boats but they were all in port. You also don't see slabs like at Grand Isle). The wind was blowing so it was a perfect time to fly the kite we had found while cleaning out the kids rooms. It turned out to be the easiest kite I have ever flown. Renita said she has never flown a kite!

After flying the kite,we watched a person wading out and metal detecting. The beaches here are very gradual and so a person can wade out a long long way and not be very deep.

Next was a trip to the pier/jetty and I cast a doa to no avail. We talked with several fisherman, none of whom were having luck, but a couple said they sometimes catch flounder there. A place to return to!

The next day we went to Goose Island State Park. Its about 8 miles away from out home and is in an area, called Lamar, that was destroyed from bombardment in the civil war. While there we first met and talked with a man from Sheridan, Wyoming, who has been coming here for 8 years. He talked about wading and fishing for reds and specks and I later saw him catch two, far from shore. We walked the fishing pier, they were catching small black drum and blue crab, drove the campgrounds. discovered I had fire ants all over my legs,(no bites), and visited the oldest and largest tree in Texas.

The tree is a live Oak,(Virginia Oak), that is over 1000 years old. It was called the meeting tree, by the native people. The tree is 11 feet in diameter, 49 feet feet tall, and has a spread of 89 feet. I was actually a little surprised as I had expected a bigger tree. Anyway the tree is the biggest and oldest tree in the state so that was pretty neat. Quite a few people visited it while we were there. Clear skies

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