Friday, January 11, 2008

Fulton Mansion

We woke up Thursday morning, after having an enjoyable evening at a potluck dinner in the park. We planned to sight see, by visiting the Fulton Mansion and scheduling a bird watching boat tour, for whopping cranes.

At the dinner we met quite a few people, including Mike and Rose Bridge. They are fulltimers who have been working at the rv park and have been fulltiming for 4 years. They share their website/journal/photos with us. Nice people.

Leaving home we first went to the boat tour birding place, only to find out that the Friday morning tour had been canceled, so we signed up for Sunday morning,(I want to go in the morning as morning light is better for my photos).

Next, we went to the mansion and walked around the outside waiting for the 12 noon tour. The guide opened the door and let us in. The tour commenced in the foyer and we were treated to an hour long tour, of a French Second Empire style house. It is an enjoyable house filled with beautiful antiques. I especially liked the ornate woodwork and cornices. It reminded me of the house I grew up in on Western Street in Waterloo Iowa,(A Victorian style house that was a lot smaller:)). After the tour we walked outside and strolled through the garden. I enjoyed this as much as the tour outside. The flowers were all so different and new, compared to what we are used to. The flower pictured above is a hibiscus, there were three different colored varieties, flowering in January! Sure not a Wyoming January.

We ended our visit went home and ate and then went to the local fruit market. We spent more at the market then we planned as it is so nice to fresh produce at a roadside stand. All in all an enjoyable and inexpensive day. Clear skies.

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grover said...

h ibrackins, we found the specs this week ,on the bay side of grand isle.. they are hugging the shoreline anear blanchard seaafood where qwe bought shrimp we caught 35 or so this week with the lrgst going 3 pounds or so. balance 15 to 18 inches. also tied into the infamous bay snapper. also got some ,at bayou beauregaurd where we fished mark, small cut with oyster shells on both sides. take care