Saturday, January 5, 2008


There are a lot of neat things to do in Galveston, but we didn't do them. As we were getting in the truck, on Wednesday, Renita noticed a red fluid dripping from the engine area. I shut the engine off and looked, and she was right,(notice how I had to check myself:)).
Anyway, red is not good, so I went inside and located a chevy truck dealer who told us their location and said they could get us in! I drove there, waiting for the steering to go out, or for the transmission to start overheating but we made it across the island without incident. The service man took our keys and had a driver give us a ride back home, about 15 miles.
The waiting begin. Around 5 pm he called back and said that the transmission cooler had a leaking line and that they had ordered the part. He said it was a quick fix and that the part would be in the next day. To make a long story short we got the truck Friday afternoon.
We were lucky this hppened n Galveston.
It had been cold and windy, so we were inside for most of the two days of waiting. Only having the afternoon, we decided to take a drive to the west end of the island and cross the toll bridge, looking for a short cut to Rockport. Good idea! The shortcut turned out to have a narrow bridge entrance that we would barely? fit through, so we decided that we would go the normal route to Rockport.

We did drive up the coast a bit and did find some deserted Texas beaches, but a lot of new building. We parked the truck and took a walk on one of the beaches at treasure island, before returning to Galveston for a pizza and home. Next year we will return and see more! Today we head to Rockport. Clear skies.


Frank and Gwen said...


Two flowers on the sea shore!!

Watch out for tsunamis!

MarkandRenita said...

Isn't that the truth!