Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bridge Fishing

I finally got a chance to go fishing as the weather warmed to the 60's. I went to the bait shop, bought some live shrimp,(the live shrimp are way bigger than popcorn shrimp so its hard using them for bait), and had Renita take me to the bridge over Copano Bay. I invited her to fish with me but she opted out and went shopping instead.
Now it costs two bucks a pole to fish there so I stopped at the building to pay and it was locked up so I went walked out and started fishing.
The north end of the bridge is 1.1 miles long. It is cement covered and has wood pilings so most people fish for sheephead,(Not related to the fresh water fish), by dropping live shrimp along the pilings and waiting for the sheephead to show up. Some people chum by breaking open some oysters and dropping them in but I didn't have any so I started fishing a piling and then moved to the next and so on until I caught a fish.
Surprisingly I only fished three pilings until I caught three sheepheads. They were to small to keep so I fished some more and then walked back to the shack to pay. Still not open. I went back and the fish had quit so I started working out farther. I had bites but they were small and so I couldn't hook them. I did see a man catch a really big sheepshead, so that was pretty exciting. He seemed to know what he was doing as I saw him catch several more.
I continued out, fishing the pilings and having bites but I could not hook them. Talked with several others who were also catching small ones. I ate my lunch and started working my way back, finally catching another sheepshead and then a red drum.
By the time Renita picked me up I had walked about two miles, pulling my cart,so I was tired and ready to call it a day.
All in all a successful day. I do wish I had taken the gps along to mark the pilings that held fish. Next time! Renita had a successful day shopping so it was a nice day for both of us. Clear skies.

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