Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surf Fishing

The happy hour group had planned a surf fishing adventure, so when we heard about it it was a natural to learn from the experts. So after a late start we headed for Port Aransas and the Gulf side of Mustang Island.
As we were not pulling the house there is a much simpler way to go, by ferry! We started by taking Texas 35 south and then east on to 361, managing to miss the left turn and instead going right to Ingleside. Hmmm, somethings wrong! Backtracking we got on the right road and found the Ferry. We loaded up front and had a great view of the channel. Dolphins! AS we watched several pods swam around the landing and two gracefully cleared the water in smooth leaps that only dolphins can make.
Once on the other side it was a quick and easy drive to the beach where we stopped for a moment, and then headed south to find the group.
Sure enough, they were at the beach marker they had told us. Most were wading and fishing is huge surf, or at least huge surf for here. We parked at the end of the line and as I readied my pole Renita took a lawn chair to where the ladies were sitting and watching,(Some were fishing also and had their own waders and Betty was catching quite a few fish).
Planting my pole spike I cast out, or at least tried to with the heavy three ounce weight. My cast was not very far as the weight was simply too much for the rod. Again I cast out and again was frustrated by the weight simply overloading the rod. Switching to another pole, I used a lighter sinker. While this allowed me to cast further, the surf quickly washed me ashore, grrrrrrrrrr. Realizing that I didn't have the right equipment, I put my poles away and grabbed the camera.
People were catching whiting. Wayne even caught a pompano! I was suitably impressed and Renita was having a good time chatting with the other non-fisher persons.
Lunch was served as the group fired up a grill and cooked hot dogs. As the surf continued to build, and after having to move the truck we decided to head home. The tide was also coming in and the road was narrowing. We had to drive though a wave at one point,(Which necessitated a car wash)!
Back on regular road we returned on the ferry, (alas no dolphins). Not getting lost the trip was much quicker. A good dues day. Clear skies.

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