Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Sock Hop

Everyone knows what a sock hop is, but what is a jelly roll and who sang "Wake up little Suzi" ? Here are some more, what word was used to describe having fun and what was the fad toy of the fifties? These are some of the questions that we didn't know at the parks annual sock hop.
Wine and beer, along with ice tea and decaf coffee flowed freely as we rocked to the oldies but goodies. Heck we even saw one couple have two beers as we drank our whataburger ice tea. Prizes were handed out during the spot dances, best costume awards were given, and the dance prize was easily won by the oldest couple in the park, Earl and Raebell. They really knew how to dance!
It was confusing at times, with the Elvis impersonators, looking the same but it all worked out. We sat and met Doris and Charlie, who are from West Fort Worth and that's what its really about, meeting new people and listening to their stories. We enjoyed the evening and even stayed up and partied until 9 pm!
Oh and by the way the answer is an Elvis style haircut and the Everly Brothers(At the sock hop we were told it was Danny and the Juniors but a sharp eyed reader, Connie Snyder, promptly corrected me. It turns out it was the Everly Broters who took the song to the top the week of October 4th 1957. Danny and the Juniors hit was "At the Hop", in December 13 1957. A special thanks to Connie!). A "kick" was the word for fun and the hula hoop was the fad. We only got two of the ten questions right. Clear skies.

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