Friday, December 5, 2008

Rockport/Fulton and Watersedge

The drive to Watersedge Rv Park was short and uneventful. Lucy greeted us at the office and Myron led us to our spot and helped us to back in. We got a spot in the upper level, where we wanted to be. The rest of the day was busy, unpacking and setting up the satellite dish as this is going to be our home for the next three months.
The next day was also busy. We made a Walmart run for drugs and did some other shopping. That afternoon we went to the, "Happy Hour", gathering and the evenings event was the Winter Texan Fish Fry!
Now some people think that retired people sit around and drink all day, and there probably are, but our happy hour is a gathering of fellow campers who talk of the days events, about things coming up, and share fish reports . Its a great way to meet people from all over!
The Winter Texan Fish Fry,(free), is a yearly event put on by the people of Fulton to thank us for coming down and spending money. The emcee unabashedly said that the money we brought kept the town going though the winter months! The meal was good, all the fish you could eat, supplemented by raw oysters on the half shell! The oysters were really good but not as fat and salty as the Grand Isle oysters we had last year. During the meal, a local band entertained us with music, reminding me of the music we had heard in New Orleans. Finally it was time to walk home so we met and thanked the mayor and the servers and cooks before leaving. Clear skies.

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