Saturday, December 20, 2008

THe Fishing Learning Curve

I saw him set the hook and land another nice fish. He cast out and was immediately onto another. He had a fish on every cast! It wasn't very long before he had his limit of ten speckled trout!
Mimicking him I cast parallel to where he was fishing, so as to not disturb him and caught a small fish. While the fishing was good for me he was catching six fish to my one, and they were bigger!
Unable to contain myself any longer I waded over to him, as he was leaving and congratulated him on his nice fish. Luckily he was in a kind mood and as we talked he said it was the best fishing he had had this year. He even gave me a plastic body and told me what jig size he was using.
The next day Renita accompanied me to all three tackle stores until I found the same lure and jig head. She was glad to get rid of me as I went fishing and even got the spot he was fishing. As I begin to cast, the same guy showed up waded out and caught a fish on the first cast. Another repeat of the day before, his six fish to my one.
Puzzled, and frustrated, I finally realized my stupidity. I was getting snagged on the oysters and he wasn't. Looking at my jig head I saw I had on a quarter ounce jig instead of the eighth ounce he had told me.
The fish stopped hitting soon after but at least I had three nice fish and a fresh fish dinner was assured. The next morning I returned and caught two,one keeper, before an oyster boat moved in and the keeper fish stopped biting. We had fresh fish for for dinner.
Now I wouldn't say that I am at the top part of the curve, but at least my speckled trout learning curve is staring to go up. Clear skies.

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