Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tea Parties

Renita was invited to a tea party by Miss Gingi and so it was with the usual last minute flurry we drove to Gillette for the social event of the season! All the important people would be there, of course, so Renita picked out her hat which is mandatory wear of course, and we hurried so as not to be late,(One knows of course what happens to people late for a tea party)!
Luckily we, and the other guests made it with minutes to spare and Miss Gingi was unruffled as she handed out hats for the uncovered. After a brief chit chat in the parlour we moved to the dinning room where the tea party was laid out. The table was filled with brownies, and cucumber sandwiches, and lots of goodies,(did I say brownies?), and all sat down. Miss Gingi demanded that marshmellows be on the menu and she highly recommended the strawberries! Dale and I of course retired to the den for the customary cigar and cognac,)kidding of course), and the women proceeded to talk and snack on the delightful fare.
The hostess was gracious and the tea party was a success! Afterwards, the guests started to leave and Miss Gingi retired to the sofa for the customary after tea party nap.
We continued to visit and catch up on all the happenings. What a delightful time!
Thank you Miss Gingi,(and Mother Erin and Grandmother Michelle)! Clear skies.

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