Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rapid City and Mount Rushmore

From Keyhole we moved a short distance to Rapid City, South Dakota. The tow was easy and only 100 miles so it only took about 2 hours. There, we parked at a Passport America park called Three Flags,(they are half price if you belong to Passport America).
We had spent a lot of weekends in Rapid City, but never a full week plus, so we decided to look at it a s a possible place to live, as we have at our other stops.
Helping us were Bob and Nancy Bentley, two long time friends who are currently moving to Rapid. They invited us over for lunch and took us on a walk along Canyon Creek lake.
Canyon Creek Lake is the lake that failed and flooded Rapid City in 1972, killing several hundred people. The dam was rebuilt,(it is leaking!), and the flood areas were rebuilt from housing subdivisions into parks, golf courses, and bike trails.
The lake itself is a beautiful park, filled with geese, ducks, and swans who chase after you in search of handouts. We watched as tundra swans attempted to board a peddle boat after food and were warned by a local that the swans were the greediest and meanest birds in the park.
It was really amazing to have wild wood ducks swim near us. The sun shone and we enjoyed the walk around the park and the conversation with Bob and Nancy. We returned to their apartment for a lunch of barbecued flank steak. Bob is such and excellent chef! All in all a fine day in the park with dear friends. Clear skies.

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