Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mount Rushmore

All though we have been to Mount Rushmore numerous times, we decided to return as the new construction was finally finished. The concessionaire had put in a huge covered parking garage and the entire areas buildings have been redone.
The parking garage costs ten bucks, a bit steep to us, but what can you do. They say it is only temporary until the buildings are paid for, yeah right.
Anyway we parked and we were both surprised as to how tasteful the changes to the area were. Yes, we preferred the old Rushmore, but the area was being loved to death and changes had to be made. One very positive change is the boardwalk path that takes you near the faces!
Another change was the display of the plains indian teepees. It was nice but we weren't quite sure what it had to do with the monument? The biggest surprise for us was that we actually got to see the mountain goats! Many people had told us that they had seen them but in all the times there we had never gotten that lucky.
Today was the day! The goats seemed oblivious to us and all the people and we were able to get really close for pictures.
We were glad we had returned to Rushmore and glad that the changes had not detracted from the mood of the place. Both of us were touched with our love of our country.
Clear skies.

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