Thursday, September 4, 2008

Red Rainbows, the RNC, and Hurricane Gustov

This is kind of a disjointed post as the three topics are about as dissimiliar as you can get but they have been the three things on our minds so......

A volcano erupted in Alaska and as the dust spreads it has been providing us with some beautiful sunsets. Last night was especially neat as a rainbow formed from the storm that passed and the rainbow wasn't normal, it was completely red. Now I know the science, red is a longer wavelength and its the last color that can penetrate the curved atmosphere, blah, blah, blah, but it was so unique to see such a deep red pillar of light that we both had to go out and see it.

Looking west across Keyhole,(our current location), we were treated to a beautiful sunset as the red rays of light colored the passing storm.

When not beeing involved in nature study we have been glued to the tv watching the Republican National Convention coverage on CNN. Being a Yellow Dog Democrat, the whole thing has been painful but the reports from the CNN Grill are our actual reason for watching. Why, cause Jenny, our daughter, is working there and we see glimpses of her as she walks across the background! We called her and tried to get her to look at the camera and smile but she said they weren't suppose to and the job is important to a student so I guess that's ok, but......

The other thing that occupies our time is watching news reports of Gustov and the damage done to Grand Isle. My sister and her husband evacuated Saturday and we haven't heard from them since. Wouldn't be so worried but they evacuated to Maringouin, just north of Baton Rouge and the hurricane followed them there.

We have been praying for their safety and the safety of their house on Grand Isle. They are truely the kindest people with hearts of gold and have opened their lives to so many people. We have been truely blessed with their love. Clear skies.

Update from our nephew, Danny, "Just to let you all know that mom and dad are back at the island. Both houses lost a little bit of siding and the the house that they live in lost a gutter on the south side. They have water, phone service and cell phone service. No electricity- sounds like it may be awhile."

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