Friday, September 19, 2008

Rapid City Bike Trails and the Noordemeer Garden

Of all the biking we have done, the Rapid City bike trail, along Rapid Creek, has to be one of the best. The trail is paved, is an easy ride, and shows off the best of Rapid City.
We parked and unloaded the bikes just west of the Rapid City Convention Center. There, to our surprise was a farmers market, where we bought some low carb spaghetti squash, buffalo berry jam, and smoked buffalo bologna!
Finally getting on the bikes we rode across the grass to the bike trail and then headed upstream. Like the Mikelson Trail, the ride was uphill but it was easier and had some flat spots. We rode past the Needemeer Gardens, city ball parks, Meadowbrook Golf course and the Fish Hatchery, finally reaching the end of the trail.
Turning around the ride was, for the most part, a long coast. The total ride took about two hours and that was because we stopped for snacks and pictures. The trail was busy with walkers, joggers, and bikers. I almost collided with a biker who ringing his bell, thought I understood that he wanted to pass. Luckily for him he yelled left, just at the last minute and we avoided a collision,(I am pretty hard of hearing and thought the bell was something wrong with my bike).
We both agreed that the bike ride was great and that Rapid City, once you get away from the interstate is one of the prettier places we have been. We can understand why Bob and Nancy want to move here. Clear skies.

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