Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Mickelson Bike Trail

As it was my birthday, I got to pick the days activity and I choose a bike ride on the Mickelson Bike Trail. The trail is an old railroad track and is 110 miles long. We had heard a lot of good things about it so today was the day to ride.
Now 110 miles is about 100 too long for us so we decided to ride the first leg, from the Deadwood trail head to the Kirk Trail head, a distance of about 3.4 miles. We stopped at the Deadwood information center and got directions to the trail head where we parked in free parking and started the days ride.
The trail started as a blacktop path but turned into packed gravel. It was all uphill, but it was an easy uphill grade and so we steadily peddled, stopping several times for water and the views. It only took an hour for us to reach the Kirk trail head. The ride reminded us of the bike path in St Paul, another abandoned railroad track with a similar grade and easy uphill biking.
After snacking at the Kirk trail head, and posing for pictures we swiftly returned down the trail to our truck. I think we had to peddle maybe two or three times as the trail was all about coasting. I got distracted by the scenery once, and almost rode over a cliff and into a stream, (Good thing I don't drink and drive). Renita had made a similar miscue and accused me of copying her.
Once back, we loaded the bikes and went into Deadwood for lunch. We ate at the first casino we came to and the food while cheap was about as good as the Fisherman in Rockport, Tx. In others words cheap and so so. As our friend Mike said, " You get what you pay for".
After lunch Renita went shopping and I actually gambled, the first time since retiring,(Now I hate shopping and gambling is almost as equally boring to me but I did win 25 bucks at the blackjack table). Our trip to the hills was free!
Returning home the kids all called to wish me happy birthday! The most unexpected call of all was from Connie and Gary with Connie singing happy birthday and Gary playing along with his accordian! Truly a treat, Cajun music from Grand Isle!
Clear skies.

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